Friday, July 13, 2007

I am moving back to my Xanga. I miss Xanga, and I want to return to it. My URL was easier to remember and hand out, the features are better, and there aren't as many glitches, and you get a ton of premium features without having to pay for a thing. I'll be blogging from there from now on, and will get some modules up and running soon with links and all.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Rapid fire blog!

Three things:

1. I bought Lifehouse's new CD today, and I really like it! More than I thought I would!

2. I'm going to post the rough draft for the revised version of chapter two of Cain this Thursday. Or possibly Friday, depending on how much I can work on it. I just realized tomorrow is thursday.

3. I might be switching back to Xanga. It has officially become cooler than Blogger, and it even at its worst it totally blew Word Press away!

4. Wait...I only had three things to say. Later llamas, time to head to class!

But still I'll sleep to the sound of the monster's roar cause I'll sleep right next to your heartbeat forever

Hi llamas.

Not a lot to report of late. We had two more softball practices this Monday and Tuesday. Both were a lot of fun...though Tuesday's would have been a great deal more so had I not been feeling under the weather all afternoon. Actually, I felt somewhat sick till I went to bed, then tossed and turned all night and woke for work not feeling so hot.

I bought two new movies yesterday, A Series of Unfortunate Events and Minority Report, as they were on sale for $5 dollars each...looking forward to watching both. I, Robot was on sale last week too, but I forgot to buy it...

I'm also debating buying a CD. These are the ones I'm considering, in addition to Come Now Sleep, As Cities Burn's new CD, which is as good as preordered.

Falling Up--Exit Lights or Crashings

Lifehouse--Who We Are

Dead Poetic--Vices

Leigh Nash--Blue On Blue

Phil Wickham--uhhhhh Phil Wickham

KT Tunstall--Eye to the Telescope

And maybe I'll get a pet llama when I hop my neighbor's fence. Fufufufufu.

Monday, July 9, 2007

I was a middle son, between two wayward ones...

Hi llamas.

Okay, so the weekend. Yesterday's post may have been a mild exaggeration.

We went roller skating. It was enjoyable. Saturday we had softball practice, which I was late to because of my caregroup's men's meeting. Then we had the singles picnic, where we had...Chipolte. Tasty, but not exactly picnicy food. The picnic itself was sort of not interesting. I almost fell asleep.

But then!! We went on a hike. The area we went up to was really beautiful. It was in the foothills, so we were able to see the Denver area spread out beneath us at the bottom of the hill. And the area itself, grass waving in the wind, the trees, the rolling hills, it was all really beautiful. I saw a little farm on the way back and I was really jealous, because that would be the perfect place to live...if one wanted to live in Colorado. ...which I don't, really. Too dry.

I took a lot of pictures, but I doubt any of them turned out well, because I didn't have the time to really get good shots, keeping up with a group as I was. Maybe a couple turned out. I'll post a few if I like them...

We then, after the hike, returned to Westminster to watch Transformers. It was not as good as I hoped it would be. I kept waiting for it to get really, really good and it never did. It got good, maybe even really good, but not really really good. The CG was all but flawless, and certain parts of the movie were really funny, but there was also a lot of unnecessary crude humor and the token girl character served no purpose in the plot. The whole "love" story between her and Sam, our ADD prone hero, was totally shallow and pointless.

And worse, I think the kids in my preschool class could have fit comfortably into some of her outfits. Do teenagers really dress like that for school?

But that being said, Shia LeBeouf did an excellent acting job and the movie was still a lot of fun...I'd say 2 and a half stars out of four, if I were in a ratings kind of mood. It made me want to watch the old cartoon...which is really half the point to all these summer blockbusters. Driving DVD sales!

Speaking of summer blockbusters, I'm so burned out on all the big, overproduced movies being churned out lately. This is pretty new for me...I'm usually a big defender of summer movies...but I'm getting tired of the focus on good graphics over good writing and acting. There wasn't a single memorable line in The Transformers, at least, I can't think of anything. At least there's still the new Bourne movie to come, perhaps that'll redeem things...

Also, there were two previews that looked interesting. "Hot Rod" which I at first thought might be Napoleon Dynamite III (it's not), since Jared Hess is working on a new movie. And then the curious, untitled, "1-08-08". Which showed a bunch of fireballs falling from the sky and was shown completely from the perspective of a camcorder.

And that's Saturday. Sunday morning was consumed by children's ministry. My fourth week in a row, since I filled in for Jordan. And what a crazy morning it was. The kids have gotten so used to seeing me that they all wanted to play and they all really liked me. First a few of them tried to put tons of different hats on me...a cow hat...a strawberry shortcake hat, a knight's helmet that didn't fit because of my giant nose, and several others. I had a nice faux-hawk going in the morning, and even got complemented for it, and they totally ruined it! So I wound up going most of the morning with very silly looking hair...

Ha, it was a lot of fun though. The kids had to learn the hard way that I can only carry so many of them at once. A half dozen of them tried to climb all over me, and I don't think I went more than five minutes the whole morning without one kid or five trying to get a piggyback ride or just climbing on me for the heck of it.

Then we had our party at Chad Lake. I got Sonic beforehand, and the tater tots were so good, the best I've ever gotten there...but the chile coney thing I got was gross. I have to get something better like popcorn chicken next time.

We didn't even go to the lake, but Nate and Jared and I found and climbed upon the greatest climbing tree on the planet. Then we all went back to the house and everyone scattered to either play a video game called Burnout or a board game called Blokus. Then it rained, and a few people wanted to jump on the Fopma trampoline. But I got bored with this pretty fast and wanted to go out to the stream behind the Fopmas house.

This we did, and I and a few others got very wet. This also was fun...then after changing into dry clothes we played a Cranium game called Hooplah, and I need to get off so I will forgo details...

I think I'm going to preorder the new As Cities Burn CD very soon...if I do, I can get this
offer. The only reason not to would be in lieu of a better offer, but I doubt there will be one, seeing as they are not a huge band, popular as they are.

Anyways, I must go. Later, young obese ladybugs of condemnation.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

I was a pharisee, I never saw my need for grace...



Another fun weekend gone by.

In the evening of this past friday, a small but indomitable handful of we brave, intrepid explorers ventured into a great Hall filled with eerie, vulgar music. At the door, we formed a line, and one by one watched as children that could be variously designated "tween" and "teenybopper" and "way too small to be here" were funneled through a carpeted door into the dark inner chambers of the Hall, the thumping and wailing of the brutish music wafting through as one by one the children vanished. As we neared the carpet door, we found ourselves before a great glass judgement booth, where admittance was granted or denied.

For those allowed into the Hall, twin stamps of purple and green were applied to the backs of our hands, presumably trackers in order to aid pursuit should we try to escape. Circumstances also demanded that I purchase special footwear, specifically a set of white cotton socks. All were required to wear white cotton socks once past the carpet doors. This is because the land beyond the door was rife with various fungi and bacteria that would obliterate the feet of any foolish enough to risk going without them.

Our initial group consisted of six:


Only I would return to tell the story.

Once past the faded blue carpet doors, we entered into the Hall itself, which was populated by various unsuspecting clusters of those I mentioned earlier, children of various ages. The natives. There was a gaming parlor, a restaurant, a dusty, long abandoned general store, and beyond these, there was, as the locals called it, the Floor.

This Floor was filled with dozens of locals with strange wheeled feet. They would move in seemingly endless laps in the near dark, with that loud, crude music in the background, as if it were egging them on. Circle after circle they went, lap after lap. Stepping past the dimly lit gaming parlor, we journeyed all the way to the back of the Hall and came to a booth with another door. This booth, however, dispensed footwear. The use for our hand stamps became clear then as the man behind the counter here would glance at our hands and hand us our wheeled shoes.

And this was the curious part. Apparently we were to strap these wheeled shoes to our feet and enter the Floor with the locals and do laps. This we did without complaint, removing our old footwear and putting on the new. All of us got four wheels, which were aligned on the outer edges of the either shoe as the wheels on a car would be.

All of us got these shoes except for Nathan, who was able to sneak in a pair of special footwear, shoes with all the wheels in a perfect line, which would have been ideal for all, but the rest of were forced to make do with awkwardly placed wheels.

We came seeking the purpose of the laps, the endless spinning, but we could only guess at what the point to it all was. Predictably, moving on wheels was quite difficult. Many, even some of the natives, would fall. There was little to see once on the Floor. It was oval in shape, with high glass walls in order to prevent escape. Movement required not a step but a shuffle, a gliding, if you will. Perhaps one could almost liken it to ice skating, save for the fact that none save Nathan were able to get around on something akin to true skates.

As I have said, we could only guess at the purpose to the endless movement. I have come to the conclusion that we could only have been powering up an alien starship. The aliens must have crash landed, and in an effort to repower their ship, built the "Skating Rink" as it was called, and lure in unsuspecting humans. I also feel strongly about the fact that they wished to use us as slaves. Our ankles were excersized constantly as we did as we were bid, causing the muscles to bulk up to several hundred times their natural size.

Eventually we came to the terror stricken conclusion that if we did not escape soon, we might never. A distraction was devised. A second crew of explorers would aid us. Jon, Jared, Michael and Daniel had joined us before we could warn them. Jon, leader of this crew would hook his foot under mine and trip me up. This would allow Jared to slip out while they sorted out the mess. He could then escape and bring back help.

This plan was flawless save for one problem. I could not tell the rest of my team. Worse, when Jon and I fell, we accidentally took Jared down with us. Sensing disaster, Sierra bravely dove in to save us and tripped over my prone form, and was sent sprawling. This would prove to be our doom. It allowed us to stop moving, but before we could sort out the confusion that followed, the Floormen who pushed all the natives along and kept their circles arrived to beat us until we kept moving. And so lack of communication was our downfall.

The time for escape did not come until much later. At one point in the evening, all lights were put out, and a fog descended, presumably one of the aliens, coming out of their spaceship to devour unsuspecting natives. As the fog weaved through the air, it began to follow me, hungry for blood, perhaps even sensing my desire to escape with both crews.

I knew I had to escape. I ran for the glass walls and began to skate up them, going so fast that I began to skate horizontally rather than vertically. Before the killer fog could reach me, I skated all the way up to the door and out. So adept was I now at skating, and so thick with muscle were my feet, that I was able to slip out the door before anyone could stop me.

I now seek finances and willing men and women for a second journey, to save my brave friends who linger still in the confines of the Skating Rink.

And that is how it all really happened. This is a true account of our disastrous adventures on the sixth of July, in the year of our Lord 2007.

It is morning and I woke up two hours ago, but I am still somewhat tired. My knee is randomly bothering's really weird. It started yesterday while we were hiking, but I can't figure out what is wrong. It's sort of in the back of the knee. I think I messed up one of the tendons, because it only hurts when I pull it a certain way. And it doesn't hurt when I run. In fact, it sort of stops hurting when I run. Probably just a pulled muscle, but it's really annoying the way it will randomly make me limp at times.

The last two days were filled with more fun social activity, as has been the flavor of the last three or four weekends. I'll probably have to talk about it all later...I need to go right now, and have devotions before it gets too late...I have to drive my sister to church...and I have children's ministry. Gah, three hours with children climbing on me and demanding piggyback rides...this makes four sundays in a row since I'm filling in again...I'm going to have to be really assertive and clear today so they know how things are going to work.

Erica's ready to go...later llamas!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Now my heaven tower sways, atop their fleeting praise...

Here be a poem. It's sort of odd and maybe not very good, but I'll try to leave it up for a while.

"Drowning July"

The waves are up to my knees now,
and I'm writing you a song with my last breath.
It's all water out to the horizon,
a sinking boat and a water logged guitar,
Somber out of tune music drifts over the quiet sea.

The ocean waits patiently for my voice to fill the air.
All is deathly still as the water floods in.
So silent I can hear the rasp of air in my lungs,
The last signal flare has been launched,
the hurricane has robbed me of a life raft.

So I wait here on deck to drown,
but I'm not afraid to die,
and I'm not afraid of the silence
I'm more afraid for you.
The waves are up to my shoulders now.

The boat falls away, and this guitar is all that floats.
My voice falls away, devoured by the overwhelming calm,
The sky falls away, the water covers my eyes
All sound falls away, no funeral dirge accompanying me to the deep.
My breath falls away, but I do not think of you,
I only hear the silence, only think of the darkness.

The costliest of costs, the deadliest of loss, the wonder of the Cross...

I'm working on memorizing the Gospel of John(yes, all of it) and i read some insightful commentary today that I thought I would post. I love commentaries...I wish I could afford to buy a bunch.

And I love David Crowder Band...

Anyways, let's see how much I can remember.

"In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the Word was God, the Word was in the beginning with God, all things were made through him, and without him was not anything made that was made."

That's all I could remember without looking. That's John 1-3.

And here's John 4 and 5...partly from memory.

"In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it."

I'm really excited about memorizing John. I think it will take a very long time, but the worth will be immeasurable. Just the idea that we can store God's Word in our hearts and take it everywhere is incredible.

Anyways, here's a little bit of commentary on this passage.

"The plainest reason why the Son of God is called the Word, seems to be, that as our words explain our minds to others, so was the Son of God sent in order to reveal his Father's mind to the world. What the evangelist says of Christ proves that he is God. He asserts, His existence in the beginning; His coexistence with the Father. The Word was with God. All things were made by him, and not as an instrument. Without him was not any thing made that was made, from the highest angel to

the meanest worm. This shows how well qualified he was for the work of our redemption and salvation. The light of reason, as well as the life of sense, is derived from him, and depends upon him. This eternal Word, this true Light shines, but the darkness comprehends it not. Let us pray without ceasing, that our eyes may be opened to behold this Light, that we may walk in it; and thus be made wise unto salvation, by faith in Jesus Christ. (Jn 1:6-14)"

This is something of a tangent, but last week I ordered some books from a company called Relevant, and they arrived a few days ago. I got David Crowder's new book, and a selection of Spurgeon sermons. The Spurgeon sermons are especially interesting to me. I had never read of his writing before, and actually, still haven't, but the introduction to the book gives the story of his life and that alone was inspiring. The way God worked through him was incredible. He was giving sermons to 10,000 when he was like 16, and he was leading one of the biggest churches in the world by the time he was my age. My age! Modern society always looks down on the young, but God will work through any willing and give them the power to do all he asks.

I'm looking forward to reading both books. I've always had a hard time getting into theological books, anything nonfiction (with a few exceptions) often seems very dry to me, but recently I realized this is because I don't read what really interests me, but try to get through books I find dry because people recommend them. I think a better place to start would be books I'm more interested this little book of Spurgeon sermons, and this weird David Crowder book about death, and I don't know if I should admit this but I eat up books and articles about relationships and how to conduct oneself in them...I'm also really interested in C.J. Mahoney's...Mahaney...uh. C.J. The dude who leads Sovereign Grace. His books. He writes very little books. I'd like to read them.

If you're wondering who I find too dry, John Piper and Jerry Bridges are the first names that come to mind. I'm going to have to work my way up to their books. I know there's a lot of truth and wisdom in them, they're just really dense and somewhat hard to get through, but eventually, I want to get to where I can fly through nonfiction the same way I can fly through fiction.

Ha, my dog is having a dream under a nearby desk, and she's kicking the sides with her feet and wagging her tail...I think that's a signal I need to stop writing for awhile before this blog becomes excessively long. I'll post a poem later today.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Glory, glorious, aren't we glory, glorious?

I really really like this song. I wish I could write songs this good. As Cities Burn finally posted the lyrics! New poem tomorrow! And maybe new fiction.


i was a middle son
between two wayward ones
i was more deserving of my parent's love

i had an angel's smile
hiding a vulture's bite
i had no use for your redeeming blood

aren't i glory, glorious

glory, glorious
aren't we glory, glorious
aren't we worthy, worthy of hearts at our feet

i was a pharisee
i never saw my need for grace
then your love came to me
stood next to mine and i saw that i was poor

show me i was poor
show us we are
show us we are

glory, glorious
we are glory, glorious
not from what good we have done
but from being the least

glory, glorious
oh, i dont know how i was made

my heaven tower sways atop their fleeting praise
God, i dont know how i was made

glory, glorious
are we glory, glorious?
are we worthy, worthy of hearts at our feet?
glory, glorious
we are glory, glorious
not from what we've done
but being the least

i was a wicked one...

-As Cities Burn

Monday, July 2, 2007

It falls apart, everything around me, when I walk away from you...

Wow, that last blog was really long! And I'm not sure I really said anything. I shouldn't blog at the end of the weekend when I'm really tired. Ever. And I didn't even mention swimming. Ashton has a pretty wicked sweet pool. Nate, Preston and I had a good time trying different jumps and rolling around and such.

In other news, the new Thousand Foot Krutch song "Falls Apart" is pretty rocking. I really like it. Their new CD could be awesome. I'm also excited to hear a new As Cities Burn song, which is going to be posted tonight at 11.

And!! T.L. Hines, my second favorite living Christian fiction author, has his second book coming out this month, "The Dead Whisper On", this I am also excited about...good, new fiction is hard to come by these days.

Um, I've got new writing! A new poem, a new song, and more on the way. Trig is good for my writer's blog!!

I'll post the poem in day or two. It's my "July" poem. Also!! I've decided to turn the last song I posted, which I believe I called "Open Your Eyes" or something(it never had a title I liked) into my January poem. This is a little out of the ordinary since I have written all my month poems in that actual month, but since the song is about being born and I was born in January, it seems appropriate.

Today I'll post the song. Hopefully I will not succumb to the temptation to take it down. I'm sure it's rough and in need of work... The second stanza would be the chorus. The first verse won't really make sense until you read the might help if you just read it like a poem.

"A War of Oceans"

The tide pulls at my feet,
Stars shine above as I stand before the sea,
water stretches on forever before me,
I'm getting soaked but don't even notice,
I could drown and not even know,
I've fallen fast asleep.

All these slow motion dreams,
just drift by endlessly as I wonder without you,
Every dream lures me into deeper sleep,
I think I'm afraid to wake up,
because I don't know if you'll be there when I do.

City lights glow like fallen stars,
I'm just drifting from one nightmare to the next,
switching trains at every stop,
sleepwalking to evade these crying alarms,
sleeptalking only to whisper your name.

The clock tries to wake me,
and the sun tries to warm me
but I'm numb in my endless sleep
and your song is only loud to the waking ear.

Out to the beach I've crept,
to fight this war of oceans,
The strength and war of your power,
combating this vast sea of dark slumber,
A tarry ocean of black filth,
Head on with your sunlit beauty
and all I can do is open my eyes,
for the first time open my eyes...

Sunday, July 1, 2007

This ain't no test you know I love you to death!

Long time no blog.

It's been another very interesting weekend.

Actually, a pretty good week, all in all. Very summer-y.

On Wednesday, I got the new Blindside and Family Force 5 EPs. Both are awesome, of course. Especially Blindside's Black Rose Ep. I think I could listen to Slow Motion all day...actually, all five of the new songs. The live tracks are alright. I'm sure they were great to hear in person. It's kinda cool to see hear some beats they'd never recorded before...and getting different takes on some of their best songs...but they're pretty rough, all the same.

Um um um. Wednesday I was supposed to be studying for a Trig test, but I kept getting distracted ALL DAY. I wound up hanging out with Derrick for the first time in like forever, which was a lot of fun...I hadn't hung out with Randi, his girlfriend, much at all before either...

I totally would have failed my test, but the teacher wasn't able to make it so it was postponed till tomorrow.


I really need to study! All day tomorrow, I'm going to be trying to study. I'm going to watch the Great Raid in the morning, since we rented it, then I'm going to study till I can only speak in trigonometric functions.

Whoo, I really like this FF5 song "Love you to death".

Derrick and I hung out like all day on Thursday, too...we got energy drinks and went to see Spiderman 3. I liked it better the second time. I was more...relaxed. Maybe part of it was because there were no rowdy people screaming at the screen this time. I don't know, I just enjoyed it more.

Thursday night I watched the Devil Wears Prada with my family. Not a good movie. I could go on and on about all different reasons it was bad, but I don't care enough. Just don't watch it.

Friday was sort of dull. Except for Peet's. I gave Jeremy a Walrus and a gift card for his birthday and we had Green Tea frappuchinos and our usual very odd conversations. And we hanged out Derrick and his friend some. His friend whose name I can't remember. Darn it, I'm so bad with names! I was going to buy Jeremy a Bundt cake, which they sell at Peet's(even in the Lemon variety!) and light it on fire (barring the availability of candles), but they are really expensive...

Saturday, however.

We had our regular men's meeting, as usual, then Jared and I helped the Cook men tear apart. This, as it turns out, is not an easy thing to do. All the old shingles had to be forcibly removed with a variety of sharp implements then tossed into a very large dumpster. Tossing large chunks of hot shingles made up the majority of my afternoon. I swept, too. And helped pull some nails.

AND I got to meet Jeremy's pets. They are somewhat obese. And his cat is sort of crazy. But they are both sweet. The dog, Ralphie, is sneaky. We had Good Times, and he stole our extra hamburger and tried to eat it.

It was a good learning experience. Never tore apart a roof before...

Speaking of the Cook house, there was also a party in the evening...the old talk of rival castles got involved when Nathan Fopma and I started talking about building a piratey treehouse city Swiss Family Robinson style.

Chad, Jared, Erica, and now Savannah have some of lame-o castle thing they're starting. I am the leader of a group that lives in a mobile castle that rides about on the back of an elephant. They are very jealous.

But it's great. I have no trouble recruiting people. They have oppressed peasants and we've done away with poverty, so it's not difficult to get people to join us.

Hmm, we had an ice fight too. And I'm pretty sure we did normal stuff like sit around and talk and eat, too. And we walked to a park. WITH A LAKE. As I've mentioned before (right??) I am basically half-fish. Water makes me very happy. So I was very eager to get there, and even ran ahead of everyone to get their faster.

It was sort of gross, though. The lake bed was so soft, it ate my feet and made walking kinda awkward. But water is water.

We also played in a playground, a really wicked sweet playground with a merry go round with loiterers and very dangerous swinging chairs. They had chairs on a chain and I tried to jump and almost died.

We had to wait forever, but eventually all the loiterers got off the merry go round and we were able to use it. Lots of people got really dizzy and sick at this point, except for Jared and Nate and I. We have way higher spinning tolerance than everyone else, I guess, so we kept spinning on it even after everyone else took off...except for Ruth and Sarah and Dan, who were kind of to wait while we tried extra hard to get ourselves sick.

And apparently my Erica, I mean my sister, threw up, but I missed it.

Ooooh, they had a bouncey thing that was a lot of fun, too, but I don't know what it's called. We bounced on it muchly and played bouncing games, this was a lot of fun too. I'm sort of really tired. I think it's affecting my typing.

Effecting? Maybe my typing is affecting a tired air whilst effected by my exhaustion.

Maybe...I need to go to bed. I think I will fast forward to today. Suffice to say that the party was great fun. Oh yes, I totally forgot about going to the Asian marketplace. That was great fun as well. Chad, Nate, Erica, Savannah and I met early and caused a mild ruckus in an Asian supermarket. They had live crabs and fish heads and lots of disturbingly dead animals. And weird fruits I'd never heard of. And lemonade soda, which is really good. It comes in a weird bottle with a marble in it. I spilled or exploded half of it all over the place, because I couldn't figure out the bottle. It was tasty, though. The lychee is better, though. I want a full bottle of lychee soda sometime...

I bought a weird iced coffee, too. I'm not sure how I feel about this. It seems very suspicious. I'll let you know how I feel about it when I drink it...

We went to Dairy Queen, too. And I actually bought ice cream! I know! Very odd for me...I was called "frugal" today when we were at Dairy Queen because I normally don't spend lots of money on extras like energy drinks and pop and ice cream...

But that was because I bought a three dollar blizzard today, which is extra out of order for me...yesterday all I got was a baby cone. I didn't even know they still made them...and they're only a dollar! That I can afford. Three dollars for ice cream is so, so not worth it. I don't care how good it's supposed to taste. What a waste of money.

But yes, good day.

And today was no exception. I had children's ministry, which involved a lot of being climbed on. Two girls in particular, Mollie and Chloe, are obsessed with getting piggyback rides from me. Obsessed. Every morning they run in and grab onto my back as soon as they get checked in. We're turning it into an outdoor thing, though. I have so little room in our classroom, I'm afraid sometime I'm going to trip and send one of the poor little dears flying across the room.

And the boys are getting violent. I got punched more this morning than I think I ever have in my life. I had it coming towards the end of the class, though. I was pretending to be a shark and I think I scared Ethan a little bit without meaning too...

Still, though. It's a lot of fun, and I really enjoy it. The kids can be really fun. And most of them are very well behaved. Far more so than some kids of the same age I've seen out in the world. Our worst kids are better than most of the world's best. They have no concrete guide on how children ought to be raised, so I guess it's only natural...

After church, Franz and I hung out for like an hour making crazy videos on his phone. Some of them turned out so awesome, I can't wait to put them up on Youtube, if we can figure out the formatting. We used some effects on his phone to make it look like we were underwater, and like it was night, and we did a couple mock video game videos too. The first of these was the best. We almost lost it and started laughing in the middle of recording it was so funny. Cell phone cameras rock!

THEN, I got Subway and a very tasty Monster Khaos energy drink and went to the field near Ashton's house and a big group played Ultimate.

It was so hot. So so so so so hot. We fried to a crisp. I am so dark and tan now. ...and sort of sunburned and pink...

I kept getting dehydrated. I wouldn't get tired so much as almost too thirsty to mouth kept drying out...but we won!! Twice! Well, there were different teams for the games, but mine won both games. Jesse and I are so unstoppable at Ultimate we have to be split up to make the game fair. At first our team was owning 7-1 till we started letting them catch up.

After that, we went to Dairy Queen and I bought a Snickers first in like a year...and probably my last till next summer. I was more jazzed about the water I got, really. I was so thirsty all day today. And water is so good. My exact words at the Ultimate field were "how can anyone drink water on a hot day and not believe in God?"

Then we went to the Van Hempsts(hope I'm spelling that right) and played a weird game I can't remember the name of, but it was also fun. I think I could have gotten the point of this blog across in a few sentences. It was a fun weekend. Today was very tiring. Ultimate took a lot out of me...we also explored some train tracks and found old hobo clothes and a shopping cart graveyard. I found all the broken shopping cart bits very amusing. Apparently people wheel them out there and then destroy them, for whatever reason.

TANGENTS. This is a really long blog, but I'm still leaving out details. But that's okay... I need to go to bed!! As Cities Burn rocks!

Later llamas!