Friday, December 14, 2012

Top Tens For 2012 in Music

Some of my favorite music of 2012... conveniently grouped into tens...

10. mewithoutYou "Ten Stories"

Favorite tracks: Cardiff Giant, Aubergine

9. David Crowder Band "Give Us Rest"

Favorite Tracks: Come Find Me, Fall On Your Knees, After All, Sequence 3

8. The Lumineers

Favorite tracks: Submarines, Ho Hey, Flowers in Your Hair

7. Of Monsters and Men "My Head is An Animal"

Favorite tracks: From Finner, Mountain Sound, Lionheart

6. The Black Keys "El Camino"

Favorite tracks: Lonely Boy, Gold On the Ceiling, Mind Eraser

5. Project 86 "Wait for the Siren"

Favorite tracks: Off the Grid, SOTS, Take the Hill

4. A Fine Frenzy "Pines"

Favorite tracks: Sailingsong, Now is the Start, It's Alive, Dance of the Gray Whales, Dream in the Dark

3. The Classic Crime "Phoenix"

Favorite tracks: You and Me Both, Beautiful Darkside, Heaven and Hell, What I'd Give Up

2. House of Heroes "Cold Hard Want"

Favorite tracks: Out My Way, Dance, Suspect, We Were Giants, Remember the Empire, Comfort Trap, The Cop

1. Sucré "A Minor Bird"

Favorite tracks: ...All of them. (But especially Stampede, Troubled Waters, and Light Up)

Honorable mentions:

Flyleaf "New Horizons"
Mumford and Sons "Babel"
Disciple "O God Save Us All",
Future of Forestry "Young Man Follow"
Linkin Park "Living Things"
Thrice "Anthology"
Grizzly Bear "Shields"
Ellie Goulding "Halcyon",
Sufjan Stevens "Silver and Gold".
Audrey Assad "Heart"
Imagine Dragons "Night Visions"

Best songs of 2012:

10. "Sunburnt" -Underoath

9. "Love Be Your Mantra" -Future of Forestry

8. "I Will Wait" -Mumford and Sons

7. "Fire Fire" -Flyleaf

6. "Outlaws" -Disciple

5. "Off The Grid" -Project 86

4. "Breakers" -Local Natives

3. "Laugh It Off" Eisley

2. "Stampede" Sucré

1. "Out My Way" -House of Heroes

Most anticipated for 2013:

(In no particular order)

Local Natives
The Black Keys
Relient K
Fiction Family
Sho Baraka