Saturday, March 17, 2012


Hey llamas, the blog is still a little under construction, but!! the Novels page is fully functional now, so be sure to let me know what you think of the introductory chapters to all my books! Poetry and Short Stories will take a lot longer, but we'll get there. There are, however, some new poems published under the poetry page. Check em out and post your thoughts.

New poem!!

“Don’t give up!”

All their arrows have found their mark,
Every bullet a perfect wound,
And it haunts your thoughts,
Slips past every defense you ever knew,
Give up.

You’ll never make it,
Not now,
Not ever
Give up.
Every day feels like yesterday,
Another battle lost,
And there’s no victory in sight,
Not a hint of relief,
The danger has grown,
Friends have gone,
And all you have is you,

Don’t give up
Not now,
Not ever,
Don’t give up.

When they take everything from us,
When black night never turns to sunrise,
Courage is all we have left,
So we close our eyes and breathe deep,
We keep on fighting,         
And we never ever give up

Newish Poem

“Dark Sleeper”

Oh dark sleeper,
Not too close now,
Lest I become infected with that curse,
That black enveloping thing you call slumber,
Dark sleeper not too close now,
I don’t want to catch your disease,
I don’t want to fall asleep yet,
There’s a story no words can net,
A song no melody can embody,
All the letters fall through my hands,
Like endless black grains of sand,
Typecast and stormy,
Coaly ink and lost thoughts merging,
I haven’t reached it yet,
Haven’t earned my rest,
Dark sleeper, not too close now
I don’t want your ways to reach me,
Your infinite yawn to devour
Dark sleeper,
Not too close now.



In the dark I've traveled endlessly,
Lonely, weary, and lost
Searching for a chance,
All I wanted was an opportunity for joy,
But I found, in my time of desert wandering,
That for one with open eyes,
Joy is all around us,
Not lost in dark places,
Waiting for us to stumble around,
Until we find it by clumsy accident,
It sits ever before us,
Waiting to be noticed and acknowledged,
It is always there for the seekers,
For the lovers and the lonely,
For you and for me.

Me who needed it like water,
In the scorching sands of deathly thought,
It was there for me
Why are you sad,
Why so sad, when all is joy and light and love,
For those who seek, for those who knock, for those who look hard enough,
At the unseen world visible all around us

And these thoughts I capture with weak words,
In simple verse
Are thoughts of joy,
 when I look not to the dark path behind,
But the light waiting for me at the end of the road

New Poetry

"Beauty In the Dark"

All the stars run in dread,
All the trees shiver in fear,
I am haunted by all things indefinable,
The nameless whispers of ghosts and children,
What sense may tell you not to fret upon,
But still lurks nonetheless,
But in spite of it all,
I found something

What is this beauty amid darkness?
What is this lure in the black
This pleasing thing when all should  be pain
This beauty in the dark

I don't shrink back from the terror,
When everyone else would flee for their lives,
I just stand and stare,
Awaiting whatever fate slinks my way
In the coaly dark of midnight caverns
And the lost abyss of moonless night,
I run on and on and on,
Deeper into the night,
I run, searching for beauty in the darkness


"Shoot the Moon"

Shoot the moon,
Or settle for less,
Which will it be?
Our lives are made of choice,
We choose who to be,
And how we live,
And all that we live for
What will you choose?

Every breath is another chance,
A new choice, a new way to live
And I want to shoot the moon.
If this is romance we're lost in,
I don't want to turn back,
I want to press on
I would rather give my all,
And turn every minute into something new

An out of focus life,
Less of me, more of you,
More of everyone else
Focus not on self,
But on the people all around me
Shoot the moon,
Die for your convictions,
Or just die to yourself,
It'll be worth it before the end,
We'll say we may not have done everything right
But we always tried.
We always shot the moon.

New Poem

"When the World Goes Dark"

One day disaster will break it all down,
In howl of wind and tidal wave
Earthquake and hurricane,
Who's going to hold your hand,
When the buildings fall,
When the sirens roar,
It might as well be me,
The only true and decent voice you'll hear,
Out of shipwreck and disaster,
When the world goes dark,
Who's hand will you hold?
It might as well be me,
Because everyone else is going to flee,
Run like they never knew you
But I was never afraid
When every star falls from the sky,
The moon cracks and reason fails us,
Who's hand will you hold,
Through that longest night
Maybe I'm the only one.
Might as well be me,
As honest and loving a guide as you'll find.

New Poem

"Give Up"

I'm giving up on you,
On every thought of you,
Breaking my heart,
And tearing me down

You built walls for me,
That I could never escape,
A life of torment, all self inflicted,
But I'm here to say goodbye tonight,
I give up on you,
And all you ever stood for.

Like a disease you wormed your way in,
Deep into my marrow,
But I'm feeling free now,
And I never have to feel your taint again,
So go on, goodbye, I'm giving up on you.

I don't have to feel this anymore,
I don't have to remember you,
I don't have to hold you in my heart,
This hatred I held for myself,
For so long

Because I know love now,
And forever
So I give up.