Sunday, November 6, 2011


New poem... another untitled. I kind of liked the idea of not separating it into stanzas, so it's all like one continuous thought. It lends a sort of breathless quality, to it I think, reminiscent of someone running.

"Untitled #9"

The bombs are falling,
and the world is catching fire,
but I am not afraid
I run through buildings
toppling like playthings
through the smoke and ash and death
to find you now and pull you out,
together we will escape this ruin,
or I'll never leave at all
But I am not afraid,
and I will never hesitate to run straight for danger
I'll brave any furnace
sleep in any lion's den,
and I am not afraid,
so as the world is catching fire,
I'll lift my voice to sing,
I'll dance in the flames.

The Time You Love

Another new poem...!!

"The Time You Love"

I was born breathless and blue,
in the time that you love,
when the snow falls and the world shudders
under the icy touch of winter
whose cold fingers turn our cheeks rosy,
and bathe the world in pure and white
we bundle up against it,
but we never fear its fury

You were born into Spring's delight
in the time that I love
when the young spring sun
makes everything warm and green and golden
and the rain falls every day
bringing our beautiful world into perfect life,
flowering perfect life

On and on this cycle spins
with the Earth's steady rhythms,
and though I don't always want a Winter day
your smile I think could make it easier to bear

"What I'm Waiting For"

I wrote a new poem. This one came out of me pretty suddenly while I was listening to MuteMath and working out not ten minutes ago... I think I like it a lot.

“What I’m Waiting For”

Solar flare and sunshine
I don’t know what I’m waiting for,
Lunar eclipse and sundog,
I don’t know what I’m waiting for

All the stars to line up,
And call my name,
Perhaps the day will feel brighter,
My clothes fit better,
My hair lay right,
And every song grace my lips,
Beautiful and sweet and strong

I don’t know what I’m waiting for
The proper words are surely there,
But they never come at my call,
Like song birds in the trees,
Lovely and distant, never mine.

But there’s only one word I need,
One to claim and hold and never let go,
I know what I’m waiting for.