Monday, October 31, 2011

The Spring Life (poem)

I know! I know! I'm sorry... it's been a really long time since I posted. Life has been crazy (mostly in a good way) and I've been neglecting this website. I've got a LOT I could post in terms of chapters and poetry, so I'll try to do a little better in the future. For today I have... a new poem! This one is based on what will probably be my next book, a story called...

"The Spring Life"

I felt it between us,
the moment we came here,
this beautiful awful place,
in quiet town and breathless city,
the distance.
I loved you once,
but where has all that feeling slipped to?
I need it now more than anything,
that I think I've ever needed

If a dark figure should visit your dreams
and take you by the hand,
don't believe everything you see,
don't believe in the dark childhood
I left behind so long ago

We create worlds without a second thought
shape and mold like gods
but we can't govern our own minds
can't find the right thought to think,
in quiet town, breathless city,
in dreaming ocean, sleeping seas
where is that one right thought?

If a dark figure should visit my dreams
and take me by the hand,
I'll believe everything I see,
about that dark past,
you left behind so long ago

Lost in centuries of thoughtless creation,
who can say where I'll find you now?
a hundred million stars lie between us
I'd bridge any gap to reach you,
but how do you cross infinite?
how do you open a door
that no longer exists?
Time has made my promises weak old and feeble,
but I tell you this,
if the way is there,
I swear I'll find it.