Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The wizard council

To help keep track of all the characters from chapters six and seven, here's the notepad document I made with all their names and a one or two word's what I've been using myself. It's in seating order left to right...

Lark-big guy
Cloudeye-The evaporator

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A friend and I have been in talks about creating a graphic novel together, so I've posted two samples of a new story I'm working on. It's about...pirates.

In other news, chapter II of Eleanor's new story should be up soon! Feel free to read and review the first chapter, and also let me know what you think of the piratey stuff.


That's all for now. Still trying to get back in the groove for the Unstoppable. Chapter eight is not yet underway...

Later llamatatoes.

Pirate story sample 2

I'd never seen anything like it, and nor have you, I would wager. The whirlpool towered nearly a league above us, tall and narrow like the neck of a bottle. Foam swirled over our heads, dousing us all. Titanic waves carried us deep into the very heart of the ocean itself.

Perhaps, to correct myself, it was more like the drain on a bathtub, pulling us down with relentless strength. Out battered Knife's Shadow was listing terribly, caught in the thrall of the seas as it was. The sky was barely visible now, nothing more than a distant circle of blue.

To our port side, there was nothing but a wall of water, and to our starboard, open air. I'd lost no one yet, having managed to convince everyone to lash themselves down in some capacity, but I was still in fear that one or another of my men might be flung into the sea at any moment.

I looked from my place at the wheel out, into the center of the whirlpool. Nothing but churning water and darkness. My heart skipped a beat. Surely we were done for now, but I could not let the men lose heart. We would go down fighting every inch of the way.

And then I heard it, a sound now all too familiar.

The song of the kraken.

We were about to be attacked, here.


Pirate Story Sample 1

The scent of sea air was ever calling me, its luring song a siren I could never deny. No...the sea was more like a beacon, shining from a lighthouse. It would always guide me back to where I belonged, even in the darkest of times.

It had been a long journey for me to find this port. I arrived out of money, spending my last shilling to get here. The loud bustle of hundreds of sailors going about loading up supplies and unloading various foreign treasures filled the air.

I slipped between passersby and pushed my way through the vibrant throng, feeling like a minnow caught in a slipstream, already set in my destination. I had eyes only for one ship. The Knife's Shadow A great three-masted beauty that towered above its neighbors. Without more than a second's pause to take in the look of her, I charged right up the gangplank, shouldering my duffel and taking stock of her crew.

"Oy, what 'ave we 'ere?" A voice inquired. For all the busywork going on around her, the mood onboard was surprisingly placid. Hardly any of the ship's crew, which had to be well over thirty strong, was at work. Most were lounging, scattered about the ship, chattering about this or that. Only a few had even noticed my arrival.

The one who had called me out was of demure personality, a quiet man. He was dressed in the garb of a captain, but he wasn't looking or acting the part in much capacity. That much was clear by the motivation of his men.

"What you doin', just 'op aboard any ship ye please, eh? What's your business?"

"Well..." There was no gentle way to put this. Best to be blunt.

"First Mate Gibbs, I presume?" I reached out a hand. "I'm your new captain."

Monday, March 1, 2010


I finished chapter seven of the Unstoppable. It's fairly rough, but I plan to post it later today after some revision. You can find all chapters of The Unstoppable by clicking on the link to the right...that will lead you to a table of contents will chapters listed.

I'm also working on chapter four of Eleanor's story...I have a lot of ideas, so there'll probably be at least a few more chapters. I also might write a chapter zero of sorts, which will take place before the first chapter I wrote. This will add some details that'll be fairly important as the story expands.


The latter half of Chapter 3 has gone through some MAJOR revisions. I basically redrafted it, not from scratch, but I changed a lot. If you get confused as you read new stuff, go back and check it out!

Random trivia of the day:

I recently played through a video game called Bioshock 2, which had a main character named Eleanor...I connected with that game in a way I haven't connected with a game in awhile, so that's why I picked the name Eleanor, because the story had a stronger emotional effect on me. Robert I picked at random, Charlie Pace is a rockstar on Lost, and Josiah's last name is Elrond...of LOTR fame.

Later llamas.