Thursday, December 8, 2011

I felt white and black reverse, and the lifting of a curse

A few quick updates on both That Hideous Slumber and Child of Thunder. First, That Hideous Slumber is now available for free to Amazon Prime members. It sounds like a pretty cool deal. I actually still get paid royalties if you "borrow" the book. The payout could potentially even be better than what I'm making off the book now. So borrow away! If you're not subscribing to Prime now, you can get a free trial for a month... it's not much good to me since I'm an old school have-to-have-a-hard-copy kind of person but if you're into Kindle it's got to be pretty cool.

As far as the print version goes, I took it down to fix a few last little typos and for some reason the formatting requirements changed on CreateSpace... now the book is 80 pages longer and a little more expensive, but I did get the opportunity to play with the layout a little bit, and I think it could be nice.

And my new book, Child of Thunder?? Still plugging away. Just recently finished chapter 17. It's been a little disconcerting, this book has taken much much longer than my last, but I'm doing my best not to let it discourage me. My plans to be finished by November are obviously out the window though, still seven chapters to go! Oh well, I will continue to work hard and do my best... I know I said I'd post every chapter, so hit me up if you're wanting something to read. Chapters 1-8 are up now in raw, unedited form, and I'd be happy to do the same for 9-17.

I also have a few short stories that will act as companions to That Hideous Slumber in the works. "The Two Deaths of Atlas Kinnley" and "Eleanor's Dream". I've begun but had no time to finish either, but I hope to get them both finished next year for a sort of 'deluxe' version of That Hideous Slumber.

And that's all for today... got a little poetry I might post later. Later llamas!!