Friday, August 14, 2009

Red-hot Revolution/The Reign of Snow

Ok. Parts II and III. The second one was so long, I decided I should just split it in two. It amounts to about the same thing, but I didn't want one to be so much longer than all the others...I was thinking four parts, but I might do five now. Read and review! You know you want to...


"Red-Hot Revolution"

Seven plus seven,
I would be fourteen years of age,
ere I commanded the Earth again,
and made her rotation and tilt,
to obey my whims.
In fear I said nothing,
did nothing.
Changed nothing.
Until a day came,
when frustration lulled me,
like a siren lies in wait,
upon the rocks.
I caved not for wealth,
nor prestige,
for even as a child they meant nothing to me.

In the end I crumbled for love.
I crumbled for you.

New school, new town.
I didn't know a soul,
nor did anyone know me.
Nor did anyone know,
the secret I kept locked inside.

Wintry reason held sway,
Snowflakes were far more numerous than children,
and their wishes for warm summer days.
But nobody fights the cold,
what a hopeless war to wage.
We bundled up, with laughter and red cheeks,
And let snowmen stand guard like soldiers,
yet rebellion grew in my heart,
A fiery, red-hot revolution.


"The Reign of Snow"

Down to the skating rink we went,
arm in arm.
Your red scarf fluttering,
In a stiff breeze.
I hardly minded the frost,
as we sat side by side,
but then I found myself,
when I looked you in eye,
at the edge of reason,
acting like a child,
thinking myself a man.

I took off my coat,
my hat,
my gloves,
my shoes.
You called me
I asked you,
for trust.
Barefoot in the snow,
I called Summer,
like an obedient falcon,
landing on the arm of its master,
Summer came.

As the world reached for the sun,
The rind of ice dissolved away,
bringing the lake to life in pale blue
The reign of snow, dissipated into the sky,
Steam and warmth overtook the air.
Grass, trees, flowers all,
In confusion began to find a way to bloom.

This began an ending,
That hot winter morning.
but I promise you,
just one thing,
for you
and you alone.
I'd do it all again.

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