Monday, August 3, 2009

We're running out of time, the world ends tonight, unless we dance or die, d-d-dance or die

Hello. I recently found a ringtone creation site. I made the following songs into ringtones:

"Errand Rum" --As Cities Burn
"God Over All" --Na Band
"All I Have is Christ" --Na Band
"Code Name: Raven" --House of Heroes
"Baby's a Red" --House of Heroes
"Slow Motion" --Blindside
"In My Arms" --Jon Foreman
"The Weight" --Thrice

And I'm tempted to make more. These are some of my favorite songs. I'm reasonably sure exactly none of them are available as ringtones you can buy, so this makes me happy. Especially since it was all free!!

I went dancing last night.

It was rather wonderful. My first time ever dancing with a complete stranger. Not only that, but I ASKED a complete stranger to dance! Lindsey. It was totally awkward, but it helped me get a little more comfortable dancing. I also got kind of snagged by this Asian woman named Nicole. She taught me a new dance move, which was fun, even though I'm pretty positive she was mixing the cuddle and the kick from swing together. She also gave me pretty good advice, to try and dance with a lot of people. My tendency is to want to dance with the same few people (people I already know I like dancing with, haha) but it's good to take risks.

I like living dangerously, I've decided recently. Life is just more exciting that way, whether it's dive-tackling thieves, working up the nerve to ask a girl to dance, or paddleboating under a bridge and getting attacked by little kids.

These things may not sound too risque, but you gotta start somewhere. Soon I assure you I'll be blogging about running with the bulls in Pamplona, cliff diving in Brazil, and doing Parcour across the streets of Chicago.

Today has been odd. I worked out, then took a cold shower, then drank a hot cup of coffee. Tomorrow I have my ORIENTATION for fire academy. I am kind of excited. I'm looking forward to seeing my new campus!

I think I love my book. I hope other people feel the same. I'm still deciding how best to continue the rest of chapter five and the rest of the current story arc. See, there's three major parts to the store. Well, four. But the second one isn't long at all. The first is the one I'm fuzziest on. I want to keep it brief to keep the story moving, but I don't want to sell it short either.

Ok, this is turning into the longest, most directionless blog ever, so I will stop now. Adios, llamas.

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